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The Triangle

If you’re around Southland long enough, you’ll hear us talking about The Triangle.

This isn’t in reference to a mystical shape or secret code. The Triangle is nothing more than an effective tool that we use to help individuals know more about where they are strong and where they may be lacking. As a church, these are the three points of emphasis that we want all people who call Southland home to participate in - spiritual growth, biblical community and service. With Jesus, in Community and on Mission.

Current Resources

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But what does that look like? Click on one of the characters below to see what their triangle looks like.

What does your triangle look like? Are you lacking in a certain area? If so, we've put together a few resources below to help you out.

Relentless pursuit of a transforming relationship with God begins with a daily commitment.


YouVersion is both an app and a website that makes scripture easy to navigate and utilizes tools such as reading plans, note taking, linked resources, and multiple translations that will help you become a better student of God’s word. Learn More »

Daily Devos

Investing time to read, ponder and apply the words of God spoken through the Bible is critical to growth in this area. When we spend time with God in the pages of scripture, we will hear His voice and, naturally, be challenged to grow. Our staff writes devotionals that supplement and support Southland’s weekend teaching. Sign up for the Daily Devotionals to receive content Monday through Friday of every week. Learn More »

RightNow Media

RightNow Media offers dozens of video Bible Studies within one online tool. RightNow Media allows you to engage in a study at your own pace, with some friends or within a large group. By signing up, you’ll be invited into a Bible Study library with limitless opportunities. Learn More »

Learning Experiences

We love to come together in a big room and study God’s Word together. Keep an eye out on the website for advertised opportunities to join us in our learning experiences.

Questions of Faith

In this video series, Dan Hamel takes a look at what the Bible has to say about some of the most important questions in Christianity. Learn More »

We were made to do life together.

Biblical Community

Some people have Biblical Community and don’t even know it! Joining together with friends to hold one another accountable, study God’s Word and support one another through life’s trials is what Biblical Community might look like.

Life Groups

Does Biblical Community sound good to you but you’re not sure how to get it? We’d love to help! Southland facilitates and launches groups all the time. If you’d like more connection in community and need some assistance in making it happen, give us a call about Life Groups. This is a big place and it’s not always easy. But we’re here to help. Learn More »

Jesus gave his life up for others. He calls us to give, too.


Serving can look different for each of us. Sometimes it's just a willingness to help someone in need the minute we see it. Sometimes it’s about getting your hands dirty or putting some elbow grease into it. It can be inside the walls of our church, in your neighborhood or in your home. But we’re all called to become servants in the world. To know what that might look like for you, stop by Connection Point on a weekend or join us at Welcome to Southland. We’d love to sit down and chat with you about what “living life on a mission” means.