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Use Your You-niqueness
Jon Weece — April 15, 2012

When you pack for a trip, you pick clothes well-suited to your journey. The same holds true for our spiritual gifts — God has "packed us" with everything we need to be shaped for our purpose.

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To Make a Big Deal Out of God
Jon Weece — April 22, 2012

Part of living in your sweet spot means taking a risk. To admit you can't make it on your own steam. To trade what the world values for what He values. And to give up everything to gain infinitely more.

Every Day of Your Life
Jon Weece — April 29, 2012

"How about just some days? God's will is weird and I'm too busy watching cat videos on YouTube to figure it out." Life always gets more complicated, but Jesus' expectations don't — we just need to follow Him.

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