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Series: Crazy Normal

Crazy Normal
Messages in Crazy Normal
Riding the Crazy Train
Guest — April 23, 2017

The first family didn’t get off to a good start. Adam and Eve laid the track for generational sin and every family ever since has been riding the crazy train. I will interview Ed Eason as a part of the sermon. Ed is the lead guitarist for Carrie Underwood’s band; he grew up in a fatherless home, and he now leads a ministry to disciple at-risk boys. Together, we will explore what it means to break the cycle of generational sin.

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Resting From the Craziness
Derrick Purvis — April 30, 2017

Noah spent 370 days in the ark with his family along with hundreds of noisy and smelly animals. If there was ever a person who needed a break from the craziness of his environment, it was Noah! Unfortunately, Noah didn’t handle the stress well. Instead of honoring God the way he had before he entered the Ark, he chose to embarrass God, his family, and himself. In this message Derrick will help us see our need for rest in order to be able to lead and love our families the way God commands us to.

Trusting God in the Craziness
Jon Weece — May 7, 2017

God commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac on Mount Moriah. Every family will be tested by something-cancer, bankruptcy, divorce, unemployment. Learning to trust God when it isn’t easy is important for every family. In this message we will focus on why we can and should trust God when it feels like everything is falling apart.

Planning For the Craziness
Jon Weece — May 14, 2017

Jacob swindles his brother Esau out of his portion of the inheritance. Sadly, greed threatens to divide most families and if we don’t plan well, it will. In this message we will focus on how to leverage our resources for the glory of God and the long-term good of others, including our family members.

Forgiving the Craziness
Guest — May 21, 2017

Most families experience a daily dose of sibling rivalry. Joseph’s brothers took their competitive ways to new heights when they sold their younger brother into slavery. In this message we will focus on how to forgive those family members that hurt us in seemingly unforgivable ways.

Crazy Normal

Every family has its fair share of drama. From jail time to addiction to custody battles to arguments about an inheritance, no family is immune to relational conflict. The first book of the Bible (Genesis) gives us an incredible amount of insight on how to deal with the day-to-day craziness that threatens to divide our families. In this series we will look at how God wants us to handle our difficult family dynamics.

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