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Learn: World Religions Study

World Religions Study

Overview: Our Posture in the Discussion
By Derrick Purvis

Every religion has an exclusive claim that makes it impossible for all of them to be “right.” In this message we will explore what we believe differs from various belief systems and how we can love the people we disagree with. Each following session is an expository look at the four largest religions outside of Christianity by Dr. Johnny Pressley, professor at Cincinnati Christian University.

Session 1: Islam
By Dr. Johnny Pressley

Join in on a lecture by Dr. Johnny Pressley that addresses the second largest religion in the entire world. Explore ideas surrounding Muslims’ Five Doctrines, their belief in Allah and the pillars of the Muslim faith.

Session 2: Hinduism
By Dr. Johnny Pressley

Beginning in 1500 BC, Hinduism is one of the oldest belief systems on our list. Listen in as Dr. Pressley explores this polytheistic belief system and the various presence it has in our world today.

Session 3: Buddhism
By Dr. Johnny Pressley

In this session, we’ll address the birth of Buddhism and the Four Noble Truths that guide over a million people throughout the world. The Buddha’s philosophy can be applied to polytheism, monotheism, agnosticism, and atheism and has slowly grown throughout hundreds of years.

Session 4: Judaism
By Dr. Johnny Pressley

This is, perhaps the most familiar religion to us as Christ followers. But some of the truths and practices of Judaism may surprise you when you study the three major denominations.

World Religions Study

Come explore the differences of what we believe and other various belief systems. This series will lead you through a study of Islam, Mormonism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and other differing beliefs, while sharing their histories and relevance in today’s world, and show you how to love the people we disagree with.

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