Looks like we've ran into some trouble with our phone systems. We're not sure, but we're thinking this guy might be the culprit. If you've tried to reach us since July 29 and haven't been able to get through or have left a voicemail and haven't yet heard back, we're sorry! But, until we round up enough duct tape to fix the problem, the best way to reach us is through email. Checkout the staff page to find a full list of staff and their email addresses.

Got It!

We're Unleashing a Revolution of Love in Central Kentucky


Your financial gifts to Southland make a difference in the reach of our ministries. If you are a faithful giver to Southland, thank you for helping to support this Church.

Ways to Give


Cash can be given during any of our weekend services. If you'd like to track cash donations for tax purposes, special envelopes are available. Contact Abby with your name and mailing address to receive these envelopes.


Checks made out to "Southland Christian Church" can be given during our weekend services, or mailed to:

Southland Christian Church
Abby Burns
PO Box 23338
Lexington, KY 40523-3338

Use the check's memo line to specify whether your gift is for the General Fund or ONE Campaign.

Direct Debit

Southland can debit your account for general fund contributions and ONE Campaign on the 5th and/or 20th of each month. If the 5th or 20th falls on a weekend, we will debit your account the Friday before that respective weekend.

To sign up, fully complete the Authorization Agreement (pdf). For your security, all Authorization Agreement forms are retained by the Finance Ministry in a secure location at the Church. Mail the completed form and a voided check to:

Southland Christian Church
Abby Burns
PO Box 23338
Lexington, KY 40523-3338

To make changes to your contribution amount or account information, a new Authorization Agreement form must be completed.

For questions, contact Abby.

Stock Donations

Gifting stock or securities to Southland Christian Church provides Southland with the full value of the donated stock while providing donors the opportunity to avoid income tax on its appreciated value. You might also qualify for a tax deduction for the full amount of the donation when you file your annual tax return.

All stock transfers begin by filling out and submitting the Stock Transfer Authorization Form (pdf).

For more information about this process, contact Abby.