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Jeff Jasper


Why be an elder at Southland?
That one is easy: I love my church! Most importantly, I love our LORD and wish to serve Him. Southland is my church and God has called me here. I have and will continue to serve in areas of the church that take advantage of my spiritual gifts and passions.

When and how did you first come to Southland?
In 1989 I was a UK college freshman and looking for a church to attend. A couple of fellow students asked me to come with them to Southland. I tried it out and liked it. I really became involved with young adult ministry, made connections, and started attending regularly. After I graduated college and got a job in the area, I joined Southland and it has been my church home ever since.

What’s your daily routine like of connecting with God?
I love reading and studying the Word of God. I set aside a time daily for Bible reading and prayer. I am currently reading My Utmost for His Highest and reading through the Bible in a year. I regularly listen to various Bible studies on Christian radio and find this a great source of knowledge and study.

What’s your favorite area to serve in at Southland?
It’s hard to come up with just one favorite area! My family and I enjoy packing backpack meals. This is something our whole family can do together. My wife and I regularly serve as a mentor couple for the Engaged Couples Class. We love connecting with younger couples and sharing how God has blessed us in our marriage.

What’s your life group or Biblical community like?
Our family has been members of the same life group for 14 years. Three families including ours started getting together after each of us had our first child. Through the years we have met regularly and supported each other in the ups and downs. I honestly don’t know what we would do without these great, Godly people in our lives.

What’s your wife’s name and kids’ names/ages (include grandkids) and how long have you been married?
Kenna and I have been for eighteen years and we have been blessed with three children: Kaylen (15 yrs old), Kyle (13 yrs old), and Kori (11 yrs.old).

What do you do for a living?
I work at the University of Kentucky in the Transportation Research Center. I am a Civil Engineer conducting research on roadway engineering topics and training highway engineer professionals.

What do you do for fun?
I have fun with my family and spend as much time with family as I can. Raising children is a wonderful responsibility, challenge and blessing from God. We love to travel when we can and we are heavily involved with school activities. This chapter of our lives is very busy, and God wants us to enjoy every day we have. We try, as best we can, to let each day be fun.

What’s one book that has impacted you?
The Bible has impacted me the most and continues to amaze me year after year. The Bible is truly the most important book in all of history.

What’s something God’s been teaching you lately?
God is faithful! We have seen His hand working again and again in our lives. We don’t know the twists and turns our lives will take, but our faith in God continues to grow in the good times and the bad. As a current Christian song says: “He’s making diamond’s out of us.”