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Jake Bernard

Production Associate

What famous person do people tell you that you look like?
None that I can think of. Should I be concerned?
What's on your ipod right now?
Mostly GIFs that amuse me.
Your first job?
Shaved Ice
Your greatest indulgence?
Pictures of Artic Puffins. I love puffins.
What's your favorite T.V. series?
Favorite season, and why?
Fall. I like the option of shorts or a hoodie.
What's one book that has impacted you?
Great expectations. I never read it, it just taught me the importance of sparknotes in high school.
Most recent purchase?
Probably food.
When did you first come to Southland?
2008 as a freshman in High School.
What's one thing people don't know about you?
I can play the drums.
What was your childhood ambition?
I wanted to drive trains. I have no idea why, I just did.
What's something God's been teaching you lately that you didn't know before?
It might not go the way you want but if it's in His plan it will happen. If not, then it's time to move to the next thing. There's no reason to dwell on what didn't happen, just look forward to what can happen!
Your role at SCC?
Production Associate at Richmond Road
What's one of your proudest moments?
Making state marching finals in high school after a 3 year battle to make it. I had the privilege to do it with friends who were there the entire time and I won't forget playing in front of thousands with them.
What is your definition of a retreat?
Any time I have to relax and reset for another run at whatever there is to do.
What brought you to Southland?
The student ministry.
What kept you here?
Getting heavily involved with the student ministry.
Your most memorable experience?
Watching thousands of high school students worship while working with CIY for two summers.
What inspires you?
Watching students worship. Theres nothing like seeing a student click with the message and really invest in the worship after!
Your favorite snack?
If you could vacation anywhere...where would you go?
The Caribbean
What's your biggest challenge?
I have to work to not be introverted in most situations. I tend to keep to myself and have to force myself to be more social.
Who lives in your house?
That would be me
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