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Hannah Gilbert

Office Host

What famous person do people tell you that you look like?
Rachel McAdams.
What's on your ipod right now?
A very strange collection of country, instrumental film scores, worship music, Civil Wars, some top 40 hits, and hardcore music.
Your first job?
In college, I worked as a writing tutor at Asbury’s tutoring center.
Your greatest indulgence?
Cookies, ice cream, chocolate, etc. I have a HUGE sweet tooth.
What's your favorite T.V. series?
Gilmore Girls.
Favorite season, and why?
I love season 4 when Rory, a quiet and sweet girl, starts her freshman year at Yale University. It’s so fun and relatable to watch her experience college classes, dorm life/roommates, and being away from home for the first time.
What's one book that has impacted you?
Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.
Most recent purchase?
When did you first come to Southland?
I started coming in 2008 after a friend invited me to a summer Bible study with the high school ministry.
What's one thing people don't know about you?
I don’t look the part, but I actually love hardcore music.
What was your childhood ambition?
I wanted to become a detective.
What's something God's been teaching you lately you didn't know before?
He’s been teaching me a lot about the purpose of my life and what we as Christ-followers should be chasing after vs. what kinds of things the world chases after. I’m realizing that He has so much more in store for us than the “American Dream.”
Your role at SCC?
I am responsible for helping guests feel welcome when they come into the office, answering phone calls, and making sure everyone stays hydrated and caffeinated.
One of your proudest moments?
When I was a writing tutor in college, I worked with a Russian graduate student who was struggling to pass a test that would allow her to receive her teaching certificate. After a few months of working with her on her English grammar skills, one of my most rewarding moments was learning that she had finally passed her test and achieved her dream.
What is your definition of a retreat?
Going away to a place where I am alone and surrounded by God’s creation. Just some coffee, my Bible and journal, a comfy chair, and a good book is all I need.
What brought you to Southland?
The high school ministry.
What kept you here?
The loving community that poured into me, and the focus on living out the Gospel through serving others.
Your most memorable experience?
In March 2015, I went on a life-changing trip to San Jose, Costa Rica and worked with an incredible ministry that reaches out to women, men, and children affected by the sex industry in the area.
What inspires you?
Wise, passionate, Spirit-filled people.
Your favorite snack?
Chocolate chip cookies .
If you could vacation anywhere...where would you go?
What's your biggest challenge?
Overcoming my perfectionist tendencies.
Who lives in your house?
Just me and my awesome dad.
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