We're Unleashing a Revolution of Love in Central Kentucky


Charlie Boland


What was your first job?
Mowing yards in the summer at age 9 ($5 a pop), and a paper route at age 11 with Lexington’s old afternoon paper, “The Lexington Leader.”
Your greatest indulgence?
Mingua’s Beef Jerky
Favorite season, and why?
A two-part answer depending on what you mean by “season.” First, any warm weather season—I love the sunshine and being outside. The only thing I like about winter anymore is a roaring fireplace or a great heater in your car. Second, football season! If God had a football team, they would of course have a big green and gold “G” on the side of their helmets. Go Pack!
When did you first come to Southland?
First visit to Southland was when I was in senior year of high school (I think Brewster had just started here as an intern). I have had some kind of involvement since that time, and have attended regularly for 15-20 years
What was your childhood ambition?
To be an astronaut. I grew up with NASA and the Apollo program.
What’s one book that has impacted you?
Hard to name one - lots of great books out there, but for impact, none can touch “The Book”. Hebrews 4:12 says it all.
What’s something God’s been teaching you lately you didn’t know before?
He has been bringing home the truth summed up by John the Baptist: “He must increase, and I must decrease.” God is showing me all the ways I never realized that I was clinging to a desire for recognition or credit, and helping me to let go of that stuff. What I need is to lose myself in humility and service.
One of your proudest moments?
February 11, 1989 when Nancy said “I do.” June 8, 1991, September 30, 1993, and June 16, 1996 when each of my daughters were born.