We're Unleashing a Revolution of Love in Central Kentucky


Cecil Williams

Facilities Director

What's on your iPod right now?
Your first job?
Selling grit newspapers.
Your greatest indulgence?
What's your favorite TV series?
Favorite season, and why?
Spring, everything is new.
What's one book that has impacted you?
Most recent purchase?
TV bracket.
When did you first come to Southland?
January 1999.
What's one thing people don't know about you?
I like Motorcycles.
What was your childhood ambition?
to have fun.
What's something God's been teaching you lately you didn't know before?
How much I still don't know.
Your role at SCC?
To serve, seek and share.
One of your proudest moments?
Seeing my children being baptized.
What is your definition of a retreat?
Rest and relax.
What brought you to Southland?
Youth programs.
What kept you here?
Hearing Christ's teaching on a regular basis.
Your most memorable experience?
Baptisms at the pond.
What inspires you?
Seeing Christ's teaching being carried out here on earth.
Your favorite snack?
If you could vacation anywhere... where would you go?
Somewhere to enjoy God's nature.
What's your biggest challenge?
Accepting how short this life really is.
Who lives in your house?
My wife and two dogs (not necessarily in that order).
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