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Candy Williams

Helping Through Him & Financial Care Coordinator

What was your first job?
I am a cosmetologists by trade and that was my first job in 1975.
What is your favorite TV series?
I love home make over shows of all kind.
What is one thing people don't know about you?
I was a softball pitcher in my younger days.
What was your childhood ambition?
I think every little girls dream was to grow up and get married. That was mine.
What is your definition of a retreat?
A day at the beach.
What brought you to Southland?
My husband and I came here to rest after leading a church plant.
What is your most memorable experience?
My wedding day and the days my children came into this world.
What is your favorite snack?
What is your biggest challenge?
Who lives in your house?
Me, my husband Ron, his dog (I don't like dogs) and our youngest daughter Lauren.
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