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Student Ministry Volunteers

Posted on Fri, Jul 31, 2015 under Expression 3

Do you remember being a teenager? Go ahead and think back for a moment. Embrace those old feelings of pure happiness, memories being made with friends, and the joy of summer break… but don’t forget those other feelings of insecurity, the insatiable desire to be popular, and the pressure to perform in school. Being a teenager is tough, no matter who you are.
At Southland we don’t want teenagers to feel alone in their journey through adolescence. We want to surround our Middle School and High School Students with adults who love Jesus. We want to partner with parents and families in the spiritual development of their teens. That’s why we create relevant, engaging student programs in the middle of the week at all of our campuses to give students a place that’s both safe and challenging at the same time. 
Our Fall Kickoff will be happening September 9th, and we are seeking adults who will lead new Life Groups. The Life Group Leader role is challenging but fulfilling. As long as you love Jesus (and aren’t afraid of teenagers) we’d love to speak with you! It doesn’t matter if you’re a brand new college student or a recent empty-nester, you have something to offer our students.
We don’t just let anyone lead a Life Group. This role is so crucial that we reserve it for people who can make the commitment and follow through. If you love students but aren’t sure you can commit to leading a Life Group, we have other roles we can explore for you to serve if the fit is right! 
If you are excited about sharing your life and sharing Jesus with students, contact us and let’s start the conversation! In the meantime, check out this video  that captures the story of one of our Middle School Life Groups, as told by the Life Group Leaders and Students in the group!
(Video Password is: MIX)

David Hausknecht
Student Director

Monday’s Are Not Boring Anymore!

Posted on Fri, Jul 31, 2015 under Expression 1

The Academy is not your average after school program - it’s exciting, filled with purpose, and we get to worship God! I love the Academy because kids learn to dream about what they can do with their life. 
Every Monday afternoon during the school year, our leaders come together at Southland’s Richmond Road Campus to encourage and inspire 2nd through 5th grade students from Breckinridge Elementary School. The Academy is a one-on-one mentor program designed to support the student educationally and spiritually, combining focused homework and reading time, along with Bible study and time to worship. Before all that takes place, we have the opportunity to feed the kids a full meal upon their arrival... because full bellies lead to full focus and better attitudes. This year we will get to build rockets and sing to Jesus. We’ll eat pizza and read books. We will have picnics and learn about God’s love. Every month we will celebrate the birthdays of these sweet kids and celebrate the life God has given them. 
Mentoring is a small part of a volunteer’s week that has an eternal impact on the lives of these kids. And with every mentor we add, we can add a student! Will you help us mentor more students than ever this year?
Contact Janelle Earley to learn how you can join us on Monday afternoons to invest in and inspire the next generation!

Janelle Earley
Serve The City Coordinator

#JourneySCC - week 3

Posted on Mon, Jul 27, 2015 under Expression 1

Honestly, this weekend’s message had some lasting power with me. Jon’s challenge between judging and joining in this world’s ideas cut pretty deeply. What about you? Are you processing some of what we learned? I certainly hope so. If you’re wanting that extra boost of guidance toward joy, here’s some ideas to keep you on track this week. Don’t forget to throw your steps along the journey online and hashtag it them #JourneySCC. We’d love to share all this together.
  • Read Ephesians 4-6 today. Here’s a reading plan for you to read through the book of Ephesians. This is a super simple way to get reminders and stay on top of reading each day. 
  • Download this week’s phone background to keep this week’s passage fresh on your eyes all week long. Just click on the link below.
  • What opportunities has God given you to be a light this week at work, in class, etc.? #Light #JourneySCC
  • Jon said, “The sky isn’t falling, but the ground is shifting.” What does that mean for you? Where have your feet shifted? Is there anything in your life that you’ve allowed to shift away from God’s plan?
  • Get involved. Tweet us, call us, stop by Connection Point and ask how you can be a part of our ministries. Whether you’re investing your life in the life of a kid, jumping in to help the Refuge Clinic or serving in an Outreach Ministry, there’s plenty of opportunities out there. We’d love to get you connected. Serving is a great way to spread joy and avoid the judging or joining that our culture often brings on. Click here if you want to browse through some places to serve. 
  • Hit up the Spotify playlist and make your way through some of the worship music from this past weekend. 
  • Lastly, let us (and everyone else) know what you’re learning. Post something to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #JourneySCC. For for this week, throw #Light on there, too!

Derrick Purvis
Formation Pastor

Parent Sneak Preview - August 2

Posted on Mon, Jul 27, 2015 under Children Expression 3

We believe parents make the biggest difference in their child’s faith. That’s why we want your kids to hear the Big Picture Show Bible story first from you!  
  1. This week:
  2. Read the story.
  3. Talk about the Big Idea.
  4. Memorize the Bible verse.
Animation Station
Bible Story:  Elijah and the Widow’s jar (1 Kings 17:7-16
Big Idea:  He can do anything
Bible Verse:  “I know that God helps me.” Psalm 54:4a  NIrV
The Drive-In
Bible Story:  Peter denies Jesus three times (Luke 22:54-62;NIrV)
Big Idea:  I can make the wise choice
Bible Verse:  “...listen and be wise. Set your heart on the right path.” - Proverbs 23:19b NIrV
The Backlot
Bible Story:  Jesus Rejected at Nazareth (Luke 4:14-30 NIrV)
Big Idea:  Know What’s True
Bible Verse:   “In all these things we are more than winners! We owe it all to Christ, who has loved us.” - Romans 8:37 NIrV

Jason Byerly
Children's Pastor

Your Chance to Partner with the Refuge Clinic

Posted on Mon, Jul 27, 2015 under Weekend Expression 4

Back in 2007, Southland helped launch the Refuge Clinic. Since then, the clinic has provided more than $5 million of free healthcare and has helped change the lives of thousands of people just like Leila who tells her story in this video.

In September, the Lexington location for the Refuge Clinic will be moving into a larger facility on the 2nd floor of the Richmond Road Campus where they'll be able to reach even more people, offer more programs, and keep providing free healthcare to the underinsured. They've already raised over $200,000 to help cover the cost of the move, but still need to raise $250,000 more. Let's help them reach their goal so they can expand their reach and continue to impact the lives of thousands of more people over the next eight years!

Check out their online giving page to partner with the Refuge Clinic by making a one-time or recurring gift.

Justin Meeker
Communications Director

A Little Over Halfway

Posted on Sat, Jul 25, 2015 under Weekend Expression 4

If you've ever joined us for a weekend service, chances are you've heard us talk about the Dollar Club. It's where we ask we ask people to give an extra dollar each weekend, then we get to share the incredible stories of how everyone's dollars came together to impact people's lives in huge ways. With it being a little more than halfway through the year, this is a perfect time to press pause and look back at some of the ways you've been able to extend hope through the Dollar Club this year. It's incredible to think that, in just over six months this year, we've been able to:

  • Help a grandmother who is raising her two small grandchildren move into a new apartment after finding severe mold issues in their previous apartment.
  • Cover the cost of installing a new HVAC system for a someone who was recently widowed.
  • Help a single mom move into a new place and get a fresh start after leaving an abusive relationship.
  • Give a 65-year-old couple peace of mind and avoid forclosure by helping them pay their mortgage after having major surgeries.
  • Pay for living expenses for a widower after he lost his wife and was severely injured in a car accident and couldn't work.
  • Cover the mortgage and keep someone from facing foreclosure who had dedicated most of their life and resources to caring for other people.
  • Secure a new apartment for a young married couple and their new baby so they could move away from a dangerous neighborhood and bad family influences.
  • Cover the cost of car repairs and living expenses for a single mom who had lost her job. Now she can continue to look for work and provide for her family.
  • Provide financial assistance to a couple who are adopting for the first time and are bringing home two young children from an orphanage in Uganda.

And what's even more amazing is to think about the fact that these are just a glimpse—there are dozens of families and individuals who have seen the love of Jesus in real, practical ways through the Dollar Club this year.

If you haven't seen it yet or want to know more, check out the Dollar Club video to learn how God can take even the smallest gift and use it to impact peoples' lives in astounding ways. Keep giving that extra dollar each weekend this year and let's keep generously extending hope to our communities!

Justin Meeker
Communications Director

#JourneySCC - week 2

Posted on Mon, Jul 20, 2015 under Expression 1

So did you guys read through Galatians last week? I saw a lot of #JourneySCC hashtags out there and I wanted to throw out some opportunities for some more! Here’s our challenge for your all this week as you work through Ephesians. 
  • Here’s a reading plan for you to read through the book of Ephesians. This is a super simple way to get reminders and stay on top of reading each day. 
  • Download this week’s phone background to keep a slice of Ephesians in front of you all week long. Just click on the link below.
  • Ask yourself these questions this week:
    • We have a loving Father who has lavished grace on us. Who do you need to share that grace with this week? 
    • Are there places where you still need to let go and receive God’s grace in your life? #Grace 
    • Is there someone in your life you need to forgive today and extend the grace God’s given you?
  • This weekend, Jason said, “Being too close can make it hard to see the big picture.” Pray that God would help you to zoom out from some circumstances in your life and allow you to see things from His perspective.
  • Hit up the Spotify playlist and make your way through some of the worship music from this past weekend. Also, click on the phone background and save it to your phone to keep this week’s scripture in front of you.
  • Lastly, let us (and everyone else) know what you’re learning. Post something to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #JourneySCC. For for this week, throw #Grace on there, too!

Greg Chandler
Guest Experience Pastor - Richmond Road

Parent Sneak Preview - July 26

Posted on Mon, Jul 20, 2015 under Children Weekend Expression 3

We believe parents make the biggest difference in their child’s faith. That’s why we want your kids to hear the Big Picture Show Bible story first from you!  
This week:
  1. Read the story.
  2. Talk about the Big Idea.
  3. Memorize the Bible verse.
Animation Station
Bible Story:  God parts the Red Sea (Exodus 14 NIrV)
Big Idea:  He can do anything
Bible Verse:  “I know that God helps me.” - Psalm 54:4a NIrV
The Drive-In
Bible Story:  Jesus calls Peter and Andrew; Peter tells Cornelius  (Mark 1:16-18Acts 19:23-25 NIrV)
Big Idea:  A good friend tells others about Jesus
Bible Verse:  “A friend loves at all times.”  - Proverbs 17:17a NIrV
The Backlot
Bible Story:  Jesus Tempted in the Desert (Matthew 4:1-11 NIrV)
Big Idea:  Say No To Sin
Bible Verse:    “...God is faithful. He will not let you be tempted any more than you can take. But when you are tempted, God will give you a way out...” - 1 Corinthians 10:13 NIrV

Jason Byerly
Children's Pastor

Time to Start the Harvest

Posted on Fri, Jul 17, 2015 under Local Involvement Expression 4

The Community Garden is one of our great local outreaches that generously extends hope to the community. Last year, we harvested and distributed about 10,000 pounds of fresh garden produce! Food is distributed to local partners like the Catholic Action Center and the Refuge for Women as well as our friends and neighbors at Serve the City. Every tomato picked and potato dug goes to someone who needs it. It's a perfect way to serve as a family or with your life group!
Right now, we're entering the busiest season for the garden and could use some extra hands. With all of the extra rain, the food is coming in quicker than we can harvest! If you don't mind getting your hands dirty and want to extend hope to the poor, come lend a helping hand at the garden. Contact me for more info!

Shaun Denney
Local Initiatives Director

Refuge Clinic Is Moving!

Posted on Fri, Jul 17, 2015 under Expression 1

At Southland we want to extend hope in ways that show the love of Jesus to those in need. The Refuge Clinic is one of the ways we get to meet the needs of our community in a very real and practical way.  Eight years ago Southland’s year-end offering was used to make the vision of offering free health care in Central Kentucky a reality. And what a journey it has been! The Refuge Clinic operates as an expression of Christ and seeks to connect the hurting to health. Since opening the doors in 2008, the Refuge Clinic has served thousands of uninsured and underinsured patients at no charge.  Over that time, the value of medical and dental services provided to our patients has been well over $5 million.
As the clinic has grown, the need for a larger space to accommodate the growing number of patients and programs the clinic offers has become clear. And we are happy to announce that the clinic will be moving to a new location at our Richmond Road campus! A number of amazing volunteers have carried the vision for the past seven years and we are so grateful for their service to get to this point! In this time of growth and transition, we’d love to invite you to be a part of making this ministry possible, as well, by giving a financial gift. Your gift will help us expand our reach to more people and help us maintain our standard of excellence in the facilities, equipment, and supplies we use.
If you would like to partner with the Clinic financially, simply text “refugeclinic” to the number 77977. You can make a one-time gift or even set up a recurring monthly contribution. Either way, your gift will help maintain the level of excellence in the equipment we use as well as the services and environments we provide for the under-served of Jessamine and Fayette Counties! Thank you for being part of this movement!

Financial Life Coach Training

Posted on Thu, Jul 16, 2015 under Expression 1

Choices. There’s something awesome about having a choice. Giving people choices helps them move from being hopeless or helpless to being empowered. I’ve believed this for a long time. And Southland does something unique to place choices - and empowerment - back in people’s hands. 
Every week, people contact Southland asking for financial help. They need to pay their water or electric bill. Perhaps their rent is way overdue. These are real needs and really good ways for Southland to help people in our community. 
But instead of handing out money, Southland demonstrates care for the whole person by handing them a choice. We take the time to connect each person who qualifies for financial assistance with a Financial Life Coach. They walk through a process together - finding ways to stay out of debt and learning how to choose to be wise with their money. By offering long-term help, Southland restores dignity to people and empowers them to make choices for themselves. 
Would you like to get involved? You can become a Financial Life Coach! Join us on July 29th at 6:00 p.m. for a training session at our Richmond Road Campus. 
This training is for people from any Southland campus who are willing to use their skills to serve the community around them. We would especially welcome anyone who is in our 
Georgetown community to help kick start the Financial Assistance Team at our newest 
To learn more, contact Candy Williams.

Candy Williams
Helping Through Him & Financial Care Coordinator

Lay Counseling

Posted on Tue, Jul 14, 2015 under Care Expression 4

The Care Department will be conducting a 13 week Lay Counseling Training starting August 26th. This training will equip you with tools to be an effective Lay Counselor for the purpose of providing a Lay Counseling ministry for Southland.  The cost for training materials is $30.  Training is limited to 20 people.  For more information contact Allen or register here

Allen Conner
Care Leader - Harrodsburg Road

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