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Posted on Wed, Feb 01, 2012

In 1990, when the Hubble telescope was launched on the back of the space shuttle Discovery, It was the most powerful and expensive telescope ever made.  Its primary mirror measured eight feet in diameter and weighed 2000 pounds.  Scientists were beside themselves with excitement over the possibilities.

But when they got it up there, 353 miles above the earth, they made a terrifying discovery:  the 1.5 billion dollar telescope didn’t work!  Everything was fuzzy.   Nothing was clear.   It had to be repaired.  

Thus in December, 1993, they sent a crew on the space shuttle Endeavor and fitted the mirror with corrective optics.   Since that time the Hubble has sent us tens of thousands of astounding and breathtaking photos from outer space.

I share that story to illustrate this:  Power is important and size is important...but FOCUS is everything! Nothing significant ever happens for any period of time without focus.

Over at the new campus these days we are focused on the following:

  • Mailing out 1,121 letters asking people who live in the area to  to make a commitment to attend the new campus
  • Resubmitting our Master Development Plan to reflect changes that have been necessitated by cost reductions, including a reconfiguration of the pond.
  • Laying out a plan to recruit and train volunteers in the Spring.
  • Begin planning for a Vision Night for the new campus on April 18th
  • Framing, electrical and HVAC in the Dillard’s Building is nearly complete.  Drywall will begin to go up within 10 days.
  • Removing and replacing the roof on the Dillard’s building—nearly halfway there.
  • Preparing the worship center for concrete slab to be poured within three weeks

Pray for us as we continue to stay focused!   Pray especially that our primary focus will be on hearing well from the Father and carrying forth His plans and purposes.

Gary Black
Teaching Development Director