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What’s Happening in Age-Level Ministries

Posted on Fri, Jul 08, 2011 under Children Students

Every week at Southland we have around 1800 kids or students involved in groups!  We believe that God speaks when we gather in community so we start in preschool and build that into the rhythm of our kids lives.  It is a priority because when they head off to college or work at 18 it’s “who they are” and not “what they do.”  To make this happen we need 100’s of people willing to give their lives for the next generation.  Here’s a couple folks, out of the 100’s, that told us their story:

Being a Life Group leader to me, means that I can be someone that a child and their parents can come to freely. I can help a family with questions and concerns about their own journey with Christ. But most importantly, I develop a relationship with the child and their family that demonstrates the intimacy found in the family of God's children.

Being a Life Group leader means IMPACT. By just being there and talking with the kids you are impacting their lives, showing that they are important and that they are cared about. You may not even know the amount of impact you have on them, I didn’t until I had a parent come up and tell me, ‘thank you for being a positive influence on our daughter’.  The sincerity behind those words landed in a deep place in my heart.

You don’t have to know the entire Bible, have a teaching degree, how to juggle bowling pins or have an “S” on your chest...what you need to do is consider this;  Is God asking me to give some time away so that the next generation knows a God who is crazy about them?

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