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The Mango Tree Children

Posted on Tue, Mar 22, 2011 under Global Missions

In January 2008, Ernesto and Graca Calavete arrived in Gorongosa, Mozambique and began to share God’s love with the neighborhood children. Most of the children of the area did not know Jesus and spent their free time doing things that got them into trouble.

Ernesto and Graca saw a need and wanted to do something for the children so in February 2008, they started a small Bible study on their porch. Within two weeks, they had over 30 children attending this study. As the number of children increased, the place to accommodate them became much too small. They soon asked the elder of the neighborhood if they could use the shadow of the mango trees to hold their Saturday morning Bible study. (Under these trees are where the government meetings are held during the weekdays.) Now, every Saturday, 120-150 children gather underneath these mango trees for a Bible study. Ernesto and Graca have seen behavioral changes in some children as well as an increased knowledge of God’s word.

A group from Southland adopted these Mango Tree Children by providing funds for mats for the children to sit on while attending the Bible study. The children were so excited and thankful to receive such a blessing from a group around the world who cared about them!

Janet Piercy, Outreach Coordinator