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Spring Parent Dedication Services

Posted on Mon, Apr 03, 2017 under Expression 3

I may have let the hill behind my house go a little too long.  Last Saturday, I went to cut down a few small bushes and saplings. By the end of the day I realized that I was going to need a chainsaw the finish the job.  Why?Because those bushes and saplings had time to put down roots and had grown a lot bigger than I thought.  
The fact is that once something is rooted it’s hard to move.  True for trees.  True for people.
That’s why every year at Southland we host a special parent dedication event called Rooted.  Our Rooted services are an opportunity for parents to stand up and declare their intention to make Jesus the number one priority in their home.  When Jesus is the focus of our family, our kids become rooted in God’s love and unmovable in their faith.
Several weeks before this special service, parents will receive coaching tools to help them write out a prayer and choose a key Bible verse for their child that they will use during the service.   But that’s just the beginning. Every family who participates in Parent Dedication will receive a three year prayer guide and family keepsake book to help them continue praying for their child long after the event.  
Our spring Rooted Parent Dedication services will be on the following dates:
Harrodsburg Road, April 30, 1:30pm, Building C
Richmond Road, April 30, 1:30pm, Parkside Theater
Danville, June 11, 2 pm, Auditorium
All families must go through the application and registration process to participate in the event.  No walk-ins are allowed.  The deadline for registering for the April services is April 13. 
Click here for more information about registering for this event.

Jason Byerly
Children's Pastor