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Pray for our High School Team in Northern Ireland

Posted on Wed, Mar 30, 2011 under Global Missions Students

This past Sunday night our Student Ministry had a commissioning service for the team of missionaries that is headed to Northern Ireland this Thursday. The team comprised of staff, students and volunteer leaders, will spend 10 days in Northern Ireland encouraging local churches, teaching in high schools and serving in relational ministry.

One of our leaders had this to say:

Some of the people I love the most commissioned me and some of the most awesome students I know to represent them in Northern Ireland for the next couple of weeks. There was a moment, as everyone gathered around us to pray, that I looked at those students and saw them pick up the weight of responsibility. We, as a church, have entrusted to them the Gospel, the name of Jesus, and the name of our church. And that’s a really big thing for a church to give people so young. What an honor to be a part of a community that trusts them and their love for Jesus so much. I think that these students will take what has been entrusted to them and take some ground for the kingdom next week. As we sang at the commissioning, “the islands will see your light as it rises on us.” That light comes from the Father and from his people who sang with us, prayed for us, stood with us, and sent us out on Sunday night. So, thank you to Southland and Student Ministries for giving us some responsibility and for equipping us to be faithful to it!”

The team invites and desires everyone to partner with this mission in prayer. Below is a list of day-by-day prayer requests that you can use as a guide to pray for this team while they're on the ground in Northern Ireland.

Thursday, March 31:

  • Pray for safe travel; good rest on planes and unity among team.
  • Pray for no flight difficulties, lost documents, and the team to travel in a God honoring manner.
  • Pray for the anxiety and joy as they anticipate the week to come.

Friday-Saturday, April1-2:

  • Pray for the excitement that comes from simply being in Ireland. 
  • Pray for rest and a quick adjustment to the time difference after a long flight and jet lag.
  • Pray for a humble, willing, uncomplaining, servant attitude.
  • Pray for final preparations for ministry during the week.

Sunday, April 3:

  • Pray for the local churches, as the team will join them.
  • Pray for the evening service from the Newcastle Baptist and Presbyterian churches that our team will attend.
  • Let each member simply be an encouragement to the church leaders and members.

Monday-Saturday, April 4 –9:

  • Pray for the local students at each school, neighborhood park and youth centers: may their eyes, ears, hearts, and minds be opened to the Gospel of hope that is presented to them.
  • Pray for the conversations that will take place: that the team will be transparent...for others to see God through in their actions and speech; for the team to see people that may be on the fringe or may be too scared to join in and respond.
  • Pray for opportunities to speak and share the Hope that is only found in Christ.
  • Pray for the leaders of the team: may they guide and direct our students through each day; may they be examples of willing, encouraging servants.   Provide opportunities for our leaders to share their experience with the Northern Irish leaders. Pray for mutual encouragement and unity of purpose.
  • Pray for all to be pierced by the truth of God’s Word and respond by dedicating one’s life to following Christ.
  • Pray for relationships to strengthen among the team and among the Northern Irish youth.
  • Pray for rest, health protection from injury/illness and for safety in all our travels.
  • Pray for spiritual strengthening and freedom from distractions.
  • Pray for servant hearts…inside and outside of the Murlough House
  • Pray that God is glorified!!!

Sunday, April 10:

  • Pray for the local churches, meals in local homes and any final ministry opportunities for the team.
  • Pray for the last minute details and packing that must be done.
  • Pray for the staff of the Murlough House and the Northern Irish youth...may they have been encouraged and ministered to during this time

Monday, April 11:

  • Pray for safe travel, that all connecting flights will be on time.
  • Pray for even tempers and patience as they deal with airline travel.
  • Pray for the memories and the impact that this mission trip has made on lives.
  • Pray for their hearts & spirits as they come back home and to continue ministering to others.
  • Pray for the witness that the team will have on others around them as they share their experiences...may they be transparent and bold!
  • Thank God for his faithfulness!