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Make a Difference with Kids Today

Posted on Fri, Feb 03, 2017 under Expression 3

What do Helen Keller, James Earl Jones and Maya Angelou all have in common?  They each faced enormous obstacles in their childhood.
Helen Keller was deaf and blind. James Earl Jones had a debilitating stutter, and Maya Angelou could not speak because of severe emotional trauma.  
However, there’s something else they have in common, something even more important than the challenges they faced.  
All three had people who made an uncommon investment in their lives.  They each had a teacher who loved them, inspired them and helped them overcome their obstacles.
It’s amazing what can happen when someone believes in a child.  That someone can be you.  
Each Sunday, God brings hundreds of kids through the doors at Southland, kids who need someone to believe in them, someone to invest in them and someone to make an uncommon difference in their lives.  
You can do that just by showing up, smiling, hugging kids and letting them know God loves them.
The obstacles our children face may not be as obvious as the stories I shared earlier, but they will each have their own battles to fight in life, and they need people who love Jesus to love them through it.  
So come hang out with kids in a Life Group, rock a baby or be that friendly face who greets families as they walk in the door.  E-mail Wende find out how you can make a difference serving in Children’s Ministry today.

Jason Byerly
Children's Pastor