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How Do People Grow?

Posted on Mon, Feb 13, 2012

How do people grow?  To answer this question you can think about growth in specific areas like financial, intellectual, relational, emotional and spiritual.  Or you can think about growth in a holistic way by including each of these areas.  My approach to growth is holistic so it's from this perspective I write this entry.

No one grows at the same rate in all these areas.  Growth is rarely linear, probably more cyclical as in one step forward followed by two steps sideways or backward.  No matter what the scholars and authors say, growth is individualized, though there are some common patterns in all of us.  We begin at a level of unconscious incompetence, where we are not yet aware of what we do not know.  Within a few short years we soon understand we are not competent in many specific patterns in these five areas, so we set out to learn in one or most often multiples of these areas at the same time.

At some point we begin to feel fairly well learned in each of these, only to discover we really know little, so we continue the learning process.  Some learn in conversations, others in reading, some in watching, and others in listening, or a combination of these.  But the learning never ends. Therefore pursuing a transforming relationship with Christ is a life-long process.

Start where you are now in any of these areas, for they all are transformed when you follow Jesus, and begin learning.  Eventually you will see how each of these five areas intersects with one another and slowly morphs your life into the life of Jesus.
Myron Williams, Adult Ministry Pastor