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Posted on Wed, Mar 01, 2017 under Expression 1

Here in Georgetown, I get the chance to talk to a lot peeps, and you know what I hear a lot these days? 
“I don’t know anyone here - I’d love to connect with people.”
“Coming to Southland every week is great, now I’d like more.”
“Gosh, the church is so big - how do you meet people??”
Sound familiar? It does to me! For the last few years, we‘ve offered Launch Night 3 times a year as an opportunity to connect with people at our campus and form small groups. Well, we decided to make that connection a little easier. 
This summer, we are wiping the slate clean and introducing a completely new way to connect in groups at Southland. That seems like a long time away, right? So starting March 6th, you can jump into one of our 6-8 week groups.
Here’s what’s on deck for Georgetown:
The Beatitudes. Let’s walk through the words of Jesus together. Everyone is welcome to join us on Mondays at 7pm as Dan Jackson leads us through this teaching.
Girl’s Night Out. Sometimes, girls just wanna have fun. Sometimes, we wanna grow in the Word - for real. This time, we’ll do both as we dive into Finding I AM! Come check us out on Wednesdays at 6:30pm.
Food. Work. Good. The title says it all - we invite men to bring your appetites for good food and serving Georgetown on Saturday mornings at 7:30am.
We look forward to growing our Georgetown community together in these group environments. Join one of the groups now and reserve your seat. 
Come see what Southland Groups have to offer you-there’s a place for everyone! 

LaShawn Barber
Life Groups / Guest Experience Leader - Georgetown