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Posted on Fri, Apr 21, 2017 under Expression 1

We love to extend hope to families in Central Kentucky in many different ways and one of those ways is with the Dollar Club. We take one dollar from each person’s offering received at service each week and use that money to radically invest in someone’s life! Not only do we use the Dollar Club to bless families here in our own backyard, but we also use it for families around the world. 
Recently, the Dollar Club found it’s way to Haiti where we were able to help out many different organizations and families because of your generosity. By giving an extra dollar, we were able to help places like House of Hope, which is part of a hospital that cares for children with HIV and other illnesses. Often, the children live here full time because their parents abandon them. A local school received much needed supplies as well as a church and a physical therapy clinic. Many families were helped as well. Some had taken in orphans to care for as their own and two brothers were left to take care of their younger siblings without their parents. Others were able to pay for school tuition, get supplies for homes and businesses and obtain much needed medicine. The hungry and the elderly were fed and supplies were provided in hopes for creating new job opportunities. Your willingness to give, is going to help many people and an entire town in Haiti feel hopeful and loved. 
Thank you so much for giving and being a part of extending hope in such a big and amazing way! Don’t worry If you missed this last weekend,  you can still be a part of the dollar club by giving online

Nathan Head
Executive Pastor of Ministries