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Yo-Yo: Twiddling Your Thumbs (Bored) - Thursday

Posted on Thu, Mar 16, 2017

 I also tried to find meaning by building huge homes for myself and by planting beautiful vineyards.
A few months ago our family was grabbing lunch after Church with some friends. We were talking around the table about the message, Uncommon Generosity, from our Uncommonwealth series. As we wrapped up, the waiter come to our table and said, “The guests over there just paid your bill. They left already, but wanted to do this for you all.” We were stunned and super grateful. 
Solomon had so many resources he could build or buy anything for himself. Yet he said even that was meaningless -- why would he want to saturate himself in things just for himself? All the accumulation of “stuff” could not bring satisfaction.
This is one of the reasons I love our Church so much -- our Church generously extends hope to those in need! Two thousand years ago, the followers of Jesus applied His message and gave as they saw people in need. Their sharing and giving allowed the Gospel to advance all over the world. What a compelling message and example for us today!
I have also discovered that generosity snuffs out boredom! It is way more fun to give than to get. Generosity comes in all shapes and sizes - and the deposit can have such eternal implications. The desire to give is a form of worship and allows us to experience God. And we also get to serve others by giving. 
I’m praying that, as we enter this day, we will be more focused on what we can share as opposed to what we can keep for ourselves. I know the Lord wants to show up in your day when you pray that kind of prayer! Talk about bustin’ up some boredom -- go bless someone’s socks off! 
  • Is there something you have two of that you could give away this week? Make an effort to bless someone else with something that would be an encouragement to them and make you feel wonderful for being generous.  

Michelle Frank
Staff Development