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Daily Devotional

Yo-Yo: Twiddling Your Thumbs (Bored) - Monday

Posted on Mon, Mar 13, 2017

I spent all of my time studying. I used my wisdom to check everything out. I looked into everything that is done on earth. What a heavy load God has put on men!
Back in 2003, my family was called to move and serve at a mission. Little did I know it was going to be a season that would radically change me. One day the Director invited me to go join them for a study and my words to him were, “I already know all this.” Sad to admit! 
Well, it wasn’t long before the Lord convicted my heart and asked, ever so gently, “You know these things, but are you changed by what you know?” So, I began my pursuit of daily devotion seeking wisdom and understanding, asking myself, “Does the knowledge I pursue have eternal significance?” Because that is all that matters!
In Chapter 1 of Ecclesiastes, we discover Solomon had all the knowledge in the world, but knew that wisdom surpassed it all. What about us? We know that knowledge holds substance for learning and educating ourselves. However, only wisdom, leads us to good decisions in our daily lives. 
In my life, the pursuit of knowledge left me void of transformation. It was only when I prayed for wisdom that I saw real change in my mind, heart, and ultimately my actions. 
If there is one prayer I pray every day for my family, it is, “Lord, give us more wisdom.” That we would know the truth - that it would fill our minds, rule our hearts, and guide our feet. That we would allow Him to take our knowledge of the truth to the next level and use all of it to transform us through wisdom. 
As we go about our day today, let’s be devoted to seeking and asking for wisdom and understanding. 
  • Take some time today to allow God to speak to you and remind you of how life-giving it is to seek wisdom, insight, and understanding. 

Michelle Frank
Staff Development