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Daily Devotional

Yo-Yo: Crash and Burn (Burned Out) - Monday

Posted on Mon, Mar 20, 2017

Should we accept only good things from the hand of God and never anything bad?
Job 2:10  
Last time I saw my dad was at my aunt’s funeral. She died in a tragic and unnecessary car accident. It ended up that my mom lost her sister and then her husband of almost 40 years in a matter of weeks. What is true about tragedy and loss is that we don’t get to choose when it happens. Life doesn’t deal these things out in ways that allow us to properly grieve and get perspective in order to take on the next thing. Life happens, loss comes, and when it does--we are tested.
The story of Job is one of great testing. The book of Job brings us face to face with one of the hardest questions we’ll ever wrestle with: “How can a loving God create a world with so much pain and suffering?” These devos will not answer this question, but they will serve to help us lean into God and His presence where, as Job illustrates, answers become less important and healing begins.
  • Today, take some time to list out the hardest issues you have ever faced. Next, reflect on the ways you have seen God heal, rescue, change, and/or bless those circumstances. Save this list for the future; we’ll need a record of God’s action in our lives before too long.

Nathan Head
Executive Pastor of Ministries