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Daily Devotional

Skin Deep: Skin To Skin - Tuesday

Posted on Tue, Apr 11, 2017

"Sit here while I pray."
Mary prepared for Easter with an act of sacrifice. I prepared for Easter by purchasing new clothes. How about the Man of the hour? How did Jesus prepare for Easter? 
He prayed.
I have a prayer list that I pray through daily. Some things go off the list after a while. The event passed, the need was met, there’s been an answer or for other reason. But some things stay on my list for good. My wife Sharon, my daughter Maddye, my son Carter, our church, just to name a few. The things that rotate off are important, but these mainstays are a high priority for me to take to God on a daily basis and so they never leave my list. As I live in conversation with God, they’re always a part of the dialogue.
Jesus lived in conversation with His Father and we find several things in scripture that stayed on His prayer list. Read through the Gospels and you’ll find them. But this week leading up to Easter, He had a very intense prayer list that zeroed in on His highest priority. His focus was on His mission - the reason He came to this earth. While in the garden, He was praying about Easter.
Jesus also asked His disciples to pray. He knew prayer was needed for the days ahead.
I think Jesus would like it if we prayed for Easter too. As His disciples, it’s the least we can do.
Make a prayer list to pray through this week in preparation for Easter. Set an alarm to pray everyday this week at 3:00pm. Pray for these things:
  • For Jesus to be alive in you like never before.
  • For the person you will invite to go to church with you this Sunday.
  • For Jesus to touch the hearts of the people who will go to church for the first time this Sunday.
  • Add your own items as well!

Chris Hahn
Lead Executive Pastor/ Elder