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Daily Devotional

Skin Deep: Scar Tissue- Friday

Posted on Fri, Apr 21, 2017

Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you!” As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” And with that, he breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” 
Resurrection puts things right. And Resurrection puts things in motion. Resurrection brings peace. And Resurrection unlocks the mission. 
1 Corinthians 15:6-8 tells us that over 500 people witnessed the Resurrected Christ in the forty days after His crucifixion. Imagine the stir in the region! 
Jesus may have encountered a bunch of scared-half-to-death disciples in the Upper Room that evening, but it would prove to be the last time fear reigned over them. This band of brothers and sisters turned the entire world upside down, launching the worldwide mission known as The Church. 
Not one of them escaped trial, tribulation, even torture. All but one would be executed in pursuit of the lost, spreading the Gospel. Beaten, stoned, stabbed, beheaded, crucified, imprisoned--every single one of them died for the cause of Christ. 
Something happened in that room that night. Something that would change the course of history and eternity. 
Was it the words of Jesus? “Peace be with you!” No. 
Was it the overwhelming nature of looking into the eyes of the once-dead-now-very-much-alive Savior? No. 
What, then? 
Well, He “breathed” on them. 
The breath of God is powerful, friends. It split the sea and allowed the Children of Israel to cross to safety on dry land (Exodus 14:15-22). It created the stars (Psalm 33:6). It IS the Holy Scripture (2 Timothy 3:16). It brings dead things to life (Ezekiel 37:4-14). It empowered The Church (Acts 2:1-4). 
I don’t know about you, but I’m tingling head to toe! One thing is certain: Resurrection means we must move. From where we are to where He is. 
Breathe on me, King Jesus! Send me! May the cry of every heart be simply that! 
  • What about you? What big mission has you scared-half-to-death? Ask Jesus if He’ll breathe on you! 

Rebecca Hatton
Care Support Leader