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Daily Devotional

Holidaze: Amazed By Light - Thursday

Posted on Thu, Dec 29, 2016

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it. John 1:5 (NLT)
The saddest part about Christmas for me is when the decorations come down. I love the smell of pine and having a live tree in the house, covered with ornaments and sparkling lights. I love driving around neighborhoods and seeing all of the lights on people’s houses that just naturally extend an invitation, “Come and see!” 
One of my favorite memories of Christmas is from when Reid and I first got married. After Christmas dinner with his family, instead of passing out on the couch in a food coma, we decided to walk the neighborhood and take in the lights. One street over we were met with a full cul-de-sac of bright shining lit archways over the sidewalks. I have this specific moment burned into my brain. We were walking through the arches, all together as a family. No one was saying anything. We were all just taking it in. Cold breath visible. Warm smiles. Feeling safe and connected. United. It was as if we had all been invited to this special moment together. 
On any normal day, you wouldn’t just go walking in the dark around a neighborhood. But there is something about Christmas lights that makes you feel safe. Invited. Connected. Isn’t it funny that we have this nostalgic tradition that is actually deeply connected to the story of the birth of Christ? The Light of the World has come. A light in the dark. He comes, inviting, creating a safe place, connecting and uniting us all. And now that very light is in you and me. As the lights of Christmas come down in the coming weeks, don’t forget to continue to extend their invitation to the world around you. “Come and see!” The Light of the World has come!
  • So the questions is, who are you inviting? Who needs you to be a safe place for them? Call them today.

Hanna Wahlbrink
Creative Director