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Financial Peace 2017

Posted on Fri, Jan 06, 2017 under Expression 1

2017 can be the year you get your financial house in order and take control of your money. Financial Peace University classes provide an opportunity to learn how to create a financial plan, become debt-free, and prepare for your financial future.  You can learn more about FPU and find a class near you by going to the Dave Ramsey website at this link: Financial Peace.
And if you have an interest in leading a Financial Peace class here at Southland, please contact me

Kurt Braun
Executive Director of Operations / Advancement

Personal Growth In 2107

Posted on Fri, Jan 06, 2017 under Expression 1

Sometimes I get upset that we don’t live in the Jetson’s future that I thought would be a reality by 2017. There are no flying cars. There’s no robot maid. There isn’t a single pill to serve as an entire dinner. But what I wish for most is that automatic dental hygiene chair. You remember that? George Jetson sat down in a chair and a bunch of robotic arms came out and took care of his morning breath and gingivitis.
I hate the daily routine of flossing, rinsing and brushing every morning. And then I have to do it all again at bedtime. Isn’t there a more efficient way to keep my teeth clean and my breath at bay? Alas, there is not. I have to put in the time and the discipline.
And the same is true with our Expression #1 at Southland. If we want a transforming relationship with God, then we have to put in the time. But Bible Study and personal growth doesn’t come without some great resources. We’ve got a few things that serve as the electric toothbrushes of our spiritual lives.
Investing time to read, ponder and apply the words of God spoken through the Bible is a great plan. An easy place to start is to receive Southland’s Daily Devotional every weekday in your email.
Need help staying on track with reading Scripture? A reading plan is a great way to hold yourself accountable. Check out YouVersion to see some really great ways to keep your transforming relationship with God on the right path.
If you’ve been looking for a great Bible Study to supplement your personal growth throughout the week, then check out RightNow Media. It’s phenomenal video resources for all ages from churches and pastors all across the country, to help you develop and grow in your relationship with Jesus.
We've put together some great video series lead by our staff to help you with your pursuit of a transforming relationship with God.
This isn’t as much of a daily routine as it might be a jumpstart for your spiritual growth. For you fellas out there, t’d be a great chance to join others for surge in your spiritual journey.
Those are just a few ideas to keep your personal growth on track in 2016. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help. But, much like brushing your teeth, the world is a better place when you put the time into your Spiritual life. It’s totally worth it.

Derrick Purvis
Formation Pastor

Dollar Clubs - December 2016

Posted on Fri, Dec 16, 2016 under Expression 1

Tis’ the season and one of the highlights this time of year is gift giving. My favorite kind of gifts are unexpected and life changing. That’s exactly what we get to do through Dollar Club. Each week at Southland we all give an extra dollar, then we give that money to people in need, and God multiplies the blessing. Here are four ways you helped unleash a revolution of love across Central Kentucky this month...

  • A three and half year old girl has serious health issues. She suffers debilitating headaches, has difficulty swallowing, struggles with balance issues and seizures. She’s facing surgery and a long recovery. Her parents are under the financial weight of a ton of doctor visits with specialists, a very expensive surgery, and recovery. Dollar Club will help pay living expenses for the family so the mom can take time off work to nurse her daughter back to health.
  • There is a young lady hoping to head off to college who has suffered from seizures since she was 4. She needs a service dog to make it possible to navigate life on her own. Her mom has battled cancer and the family doesn’t have any extra money to buy a dog for their daughter. Dollar Club is purchasing a dog so the daughter can gain independence and enjoy freedom in her next stage of life.
  • A 24-year-old single woman has recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She has to undergo four very aggressive rounds of chemotherapy and won’t be able to work. Chemo will last three months. Without income, she would be in trouble financially. The Dollar Club is going to take care of her living expenses while she is receiving treatment for her cancer. 
  • There is a young lady who was working to get herself into college and a relationship she was in turned abusive. This cost her many things, including the finances she had raised for both life and school enrollment. Dollar Club is going to help her get into a stable living situation so she can continue to pursue her education. We would like to thank you for giving so these blessings can continue. Please take some time to pray for all of the people and families involved. Also, be sure to join us January 8 for a new series called Uncommonwealth! This series will share the vision for the future of our church.
We would like to thank you for giving so these blessings can continue. Please take some time to pray for all of the people and families involved.
Also, be sure to join us January 8 for a new series called Uncommonwealth! This series will share the vision for the future of our church.

Nathan Head
Executive Pastor of Ministries

Friends Helping Friends

Posted on Thu, Dec 15, 2016 under Expression 1

Are you the one all your friends gravitate toward for advice, direction, a listening ear, or prayer? Maybe you’re one of those friends who is always helping your other friends. Maybe not. Either way, there are many times friends helping friends is a great pathway to see God move us toward help and healing in our lives.
But how would you feel about taking it to the next level? Southland would love to partner with you in helping provide training and growth in a few areas that will help not only sharpen you as a great go-to person when things get tough, but, even further, prepare you to serve as a Lay Counselor with our Care Team. We’d love to pour into you and then help provide the opportunities for you to use that training to provide competent, supervised Lay Counseling for people who don’t necessarily need to see a professional counselor to walk through the challenges they’re facing in life.
Sound like something God is calling you to be a part of? Join us for our 13 week Lay Counselor Training starting January 25, 2017 from 6-8pm in Room A102 (Lower Conference Room). The cost for the training is $30 and must be paid at the time of registration. Training is limited to 25 people. For more information contact Laura or register on line.

Will Briggs
Care Pastor

Night Of Worship/Baptism Event

Posted on Fri, Dec 09, 2016 under Expression 1

The craziness of the Christmas season is here. The traffic around the mall is insane. The lines at Walmart are long... like back to the milk section long. It seems like some tempers are on very short fuses. I had a guy just blaring his horn at me this morning because I slowed down while passing through a school zone. How dare I do such a thing?!
Two thousand years ago in Israel, there was a hectic mood as well. Everyone was preparing for a census, so I’m sure traffic was busy. Lines were long. Tempers were short. Yet, God thought it was the right time for a baby to be born. In the quietness of a stable, He came. You see, it was so busy that there were no rooms, literally… no rooms, so it was in a stable that the Savior of the world was born. In the quiet of the night, God showed up. Then, He started letting the world know about it. Shepherds out in the fields who were staying away from the hustle and bustle were sent a message. (Luke 2: 8-20) A message that a baby was born and He was the Christ child. 
I love what happened next, the shepherds had to go and see. And once they experienced the baby in the manger and saw Him, they told the people around them about how special this child was. “The shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and seen” (Luke 2:20 NIV). They began praising Him!
So, in the craziness of the season, we need to remember that we have experienced Jesus’ story, too. And it would be good and right for us to tell people about Him, to gather together, and to glorify and praise Him. We will have the opportunity to do that on December 13 at the Danville Campus for a Night of Worship beginning at 6:30pm.  
This will also be a baptism event. So, if you have been thinking about baptism, this would be a great night to take that step. If you have been wondering about Jesus and want to follow Him, this would be the perfect time. He came to the world to save sinners - that is all of us. So, ask Him for forgiveness. Declare He is the Christ, your Savior, and then enter the water of baptism and make Him Lord of your life. We will be ready for you.  

Brian Lucas
Campus Leader - Danville

Back To The Basics

Posted on Fri, Dec 09, 2016 under Expression 1

A river is purest at its source. The same is true of the Church. If we want to know what the Church should be like today, we only need examine the original Church, as recorded in the book of Acts.
On Sunday, January 8 we’ll kick off a new series that will take us back to the New Testament Church to get our marching orders for 2017 and beyond. The first church excelled in love, generosity, kindness, and risk-taking faith. More than ever before, that’s what Southland wants to be and do. This new series will lay out our vision and passion for...
  • Uncommon Love: At no other time in the history of Christianity did love so characterize the entire Church as it did in the first three centuries, and Roman society took note. The early Church historian, Tertullian, reported that the Romans would exclaim, “See how they love one another!” We want others to say the same thing about Southland’s uncommon love!
  • Uncommon Generosity: The early Christian philosopher and apologist, Justin Martyr,  wrote, “We who used to value the acquisition of wealth and possessions more than anything else, now bring what we have into a common fund and share it with anyone who needs it.” The first-century Church leveraged every resource they had to help the poor and plant Churches everywhere. We want to do the same all across the Commonwealth of Kentucky! 
  • Uncommon Kindness: Another early Church author, Lactantius, wrote, “If we all derive our origin from one man, whom God created, we are plainly all of one family. Therefore it must be considered an abomination to hate another human being, no matter how guilty he may be. Because we are all brothers, God teaches us to never do evil to one another, but only good.” We want Southland to be known everywhere for our uncommon kindness. We want to be a Church that’s always kinder than necessary!
  • Uncommon Risk: God wants us to succeed at the mission He’s given us, therefore we can trust Him to provide everything we need. In all honesty, the safest thing we can do is take a risk! We don’t want to look back on our lives and wonder, “What if we had…” We want to look back on our lives knowing we did everything we could to love people around us. When the followers of Jesus at Southland permanently ditch the “play it safe” mindset, the state of Kentucky will never be the same!
An uncommon impact on the Commonwealth--that’s our goal! Join us each week and bring a friend for this new series as we set forth the dreams, hopes, and aspirations of Southland for years to come!

Gary Black
Teaching Development Director

Holiday Service Times

Posted on Fri, Dec 02, 2016 under Expression 1

The Season is quickly approaching when we celebrate Jesus’ birth and begin a new year. With the hustle and bustle many of you are beginning to experience, we want to give you an early update on our plans for Christmas and New Year’s services so you can begin to plan and make it a priority to worship with us!
We will be celebrating Christmas at all of our campuses on Christmas Eve, Saturday, December 24!
  • Harrodsburg Road/Richmond Road - 2pm, 4pm, & 6pm
    • Children’s Environments open for ages birth to 5years old
  • Danville - 4pm & 6pm
    • Children’s Environments open for ages birth to 1st grade
  • Georgetown - 4pm & 6pm
    • Children’s Environments open for ages birth to 5 years old
We look forward to a phenomenal time together this year... remembering Jesus through singing carols, hearing a great message from Jon, and lighting candles as a church family as we celebrate the birth of our King!
On New Year’s Day, Sunday, January 1, we will be holding one service at each of our campuses at 10am. This service will also be broadcast live on TV and online, since we know many of you will be travelling or spending time with family that morning. Our New Year’s service will be informal with some acoustic worship, communion, and a video message that will celebrate this past year in Southland’s life and cast vision for the coming year. So plan to gather around your TV or favorite device, or make the trip to one of our 4 campuses at 10am to worship with the entire Southland family as we begin the new year together.
*Nursery and Children's environments will not be open for this service.

Mike Vandemark
Programming Director

Natalie’s Sisters Training

Posted on Mon, Nov 28, 2016 under Expression 1

Natalie’s Sisters is a ministry which brings God’s love and hope to women and men who are caught up in the sex industry. It is also a ministry to me. When I joined Natalie’s Sisters, I eventually grew comfortable with delivering dinner to dancers in local clubs. I was always struck by the fact that these women were, in many ways, just like me; sharing recipes, proud of their children, caring for elderly parents. 
But then God asked us to expand the reach of this ministry to women working the streets of downtown Lexington. Now that would take courage. My response to the invitation: I am scared, but I will be there. But I wasn’t prepared for the way God would show me this was exactly where He wanted me...
At the organizational meeting for the street ministry, the police with whom we partner allowed us to see mug-shots of ladies who had been arrested for prostitution. In the collection was one of my sweet, former third grade students. I was in.
Through Natalie’s Sisters, I thought I would be the one helping downtrodden women. But, oh, the blessings are mine as well. I have learned so much about life outside the cozy suburbs. I appreciate God so much more than before. I get to volunteer with an incredible group of Christians. My own children have had their faith in “the church’ renewed. Ah, and would you believe God allowed me to reconnect with my former student?
If you’d like to learn more, join us on Saturday, December 17, from 9am to noon at Gardenside Christian Church, where you can learn about God’s bold work. Whether you are called to pray, cook, visit the jail, clubs, or our drop-in center, God has a place for your gifts and talents with Natalie’s Sisters. Come learn about our precious women.
- Written by Carol Reynolds, Team Member

Sara Fain
Outreach Operations Coordinator

A Picture Is Worth More Than ” A Thousands Words”...

Posted on Mon, Nov 21, 2016 under Expression 1

We have all heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but what if there are pictures that are worth more than that? Perhaps a picture of a family that has never had a professional picture taken? What about a picture of a homeless person who has never seen what they look like? Or a picture of grandkids given to their grandparents as a Christmas gift that otherwise would not have happened because they could not afford one?
This is the heart of what Help-Portrait has done for the past eight years on the first Saturday of every December, providing the less fortunate in our community with FREE portraits. Help-Portrait was founded by Jeremy Cowart, who recently spoke at Southland. Andrew Fore, a Southland member, founded the Lexington chapter and continues to direct it.
In the first five years Help-Portrait Lexington has provided 825 free professional portraits to over 870 guests. Not only do the guests receive free hair and makeup services and their professional portrait taken, but they also get a 5”x7” framed print (which can be gift wrapped on-site if the guest would like), a gift bag full of items ranging from gloves, socks, toiletries, coupons - plus a belly full of tasty food and beverage. But most importantly, what each guest receives is a sense of hope, self-worth, and the confirmation that they matter and people do love them.
Help-Portrait Lexington is not only about what we do on that wonderful Saturday each December; rather, it is about what we give to those we serve. The stories and blessings which overflow the event each year are simply amazing and we are planning on another big event in a few weeks! The Lexington event will be hosted at Southland’s Richmond Road campus on Saturday, December 3 from 9am to 4pm.
If you have any questions or would like to learn more,  please contact Andrew Fore for more details.

Betty Hawkins
Local Intiatives Leader

Lay Counseling

Posted on Fri, Nov 18, 2016 under Expression 1

The Care Department will be conducting a 13 week Lay Counseling Training beginning Wednesday, January 25, 2017. This training will equip you with tools to be an effective Lay Counselor for the purpose of providing a Lay Counseling ministry for Southland. The cost for training materials is $30. Training is limited to 20 people.
For more information contact Allen or register here.

Allen Conner
Care Leader - Harrodsburg Road

Reflections on Veteran’s Day

Posted on Fri, Nov 11, 2016 under Expression 1

My father-in-law died a couple of years ago.  I miss him.  Forty-five years ago I started dating his daughter. Three years later we married. From the beginning he treated me as his own, and that never changed. 
Diminutive in physical stature, he was nevertheless a giant of a man, a WWII veteran who served in the US Navy on a destroyer.  He never talked much about the war, but when he did, he almost always cried.  Many of his friends made the ultimate sacrifice.  He never got over that.  I suppose no one does.
"Mr. Wesner," as I always called him, was a leader in his church for 50 years, and a dedicated employee of Ford Motor Company for 34 years.  He was a collector of coins, stamps and antique cars.  He still had his first new car, a beautiful 1949 Ford Custom, when he died.
Like so many from "The Greatest Generation," he was disciplined, diligent and gave everything his best. I learned mechanic work from him. I learned about the design and engineering of an automobile, and a thousand other things.  But most of all, I learned a lot about the character of Jesus, because he modeled it every day of his 89 years. His greatest gift to me was my wife, Linda, but there are innumerable other gifts, all wonderful in their own way.
I had the privilege of officiating at his funeral.  He was buried with full military honors.  After the ceremony, we made the longest walk in the world, the walk away from a loved one’s fresh grave. We buried a body; the soul was already Home...reunited with his mom who died of tuberculosis when he was only two years old. Reunited with his dad who never remarried and raised two hungry kids during the Great Depression, and reunited with so many people whom he influenced in so many ways. 
Seasons come and seasons go, and the press of life pushes forward, ever forward. My father-in-law is Home now with Jesus, but on this Veteran's Day weekend, I, along with many others, stand and applaud and say, "Well done, sir, well done.  Thank you for loving God and others, and thank you for your service to our country."  No one was ever more proud to call himself an American. 
By the way, when you get to Heaven, if you see someone driving a like-new '49 Ford, be sure to wave. It will be my father-in-law, and he'll have a small American flag flying from the antenna.  God bless him...and all our veterans...and God bless America.

Gary Black
Teaching Development Director

BHG Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted on Mon, Nov 07, 2016 under Expression 1

It’s that time of year again… time for one of our favorite community events, The BHG Thanksgiving Dinner. Every year on Thanksgiving Day, Southland partners with the Bluegrass Hospitality Group and other community organizations to provide a free Thanksgiving meal to thousands of individuals and families in the Lexington area at Malone’s Restaurant on Tates Creek Road.
As many of you know, this is one of the greatest outreach efforts we have, not only because of the thousands of people it serves but because it involves churches, businesses, and city agencies coming together for one good cause. 
If you are interested in serving with us this year, please visit our registration page. Registration  begins Sunday, November 13, at 8 a.m. and usually is filled up within the first day it’s open. 
If you or someone you know could use a great meal and community with others this Thanksgiving, please give them the following information:
Free Community Thanksgiving Dinner
11am – 3pm, Thursday, November 24
Lansdowne Shoppes
3373 Tates Creek Road, Lexington, Kentucky
Please call (859) 977-2606 to make arrangements to attend as a guest.
Free transportation available if needed through Lextran (see Sunday schedule for Thanksgiving Day routes). 

Sara Fain
Outreach Operations Coordinator

Danville Thanksgiving Service Opportunity

Posted on Fri, Nov 04, 2016 under Expression 1

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to express our gratitude to God for all He has provided by giving generosity out of the overflow of the resources He has entrusted to us. We can express our thanks in a number of ways. This Thanksgiving, would you be willing to give the gift of your time - or even a small part of your grocery budget - to make a difference in the life of a hungry family?
Southland is privileged to partner with Lexington Avenue Baptist again this year to feed over 300 people in the Danville community. Every year Lexington Avenue opens their doors to feed hungry families with an incredible home-cooked Thanksgiving meal. If a family is unable to attend due to transportation or medical limitations they deliver meals to them so they do not go without. Help us feed these families by donating your time or a food item to the event!
Click here for the specific sign ups for which you, your family, or your Life Group can register. The opportunities range from the Monday, November 21 through Thanksgiving Day on November 24th. 
Let me know if you have any questions. You will receive a follow up email after you sign up!

Janelle Earley
Serve The City Coordinator

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