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We didn’t know… but God did.

Posted on Fri, Mar 17, 2017 under Expression 4

What do two oral surgeons, a dentist, a medical student, a P.A., a couple of nurses, a retired school teacher, a banker, a mason, a state employee, a brave twenty-something, and two church workers have in common? A calling from the Lord to live out the great commission!
A group of fourteen people left the comfort of their homes in the U.S. to love the people of Haiti, seizing the opportunity to live out Jesus’ instruction to “go and make disciples”. 
It’s just like we read all over the scriptures - people of different gifts being called to one purpose. This trip to Haiti began as a “Medical Trip”. However, as is often true, God had another idea. You see, God knew that people needed teeth pulled and filled. We knew that, too. But there were other needs we could not have known about...
  • God knew that a block wall needed to be built.  
  • God knew that school children needed hugs and someone to run and play with them
  • God knew that elderly ladies needed to be pampered by having their fingernails painted. 
  • God knew that high school students had questions that needed answers
  • God knew about the encouragement that would come from singing worship songs in the open air with young and old alike. 
  • God knew that there would be an impossible surgery put in front of the medical team, allowing them to be His hands and feet in a difficult situation.  
  • God knew about the countless interactions and conversations that were going to happen in Haiti and He was waiting to see if we would respond.  
I am thankful that these people responded with, “Here I am Lord, send me.” Paul writes in Ephesians 4 that we all have different gifts but that, “There is one body and one Spirit - just as you were called to the one hope that belongs to you all - one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.” This trip was perfect evidence that we are joined together for one purpose... to share the love of Christ to all. Together, we had many gifts. But the unity of this team was evident based on the love of Christ that filled us up and gave us purpose. With His love as the foundation, we accomplished so much and can’t wait to go again.
This picture isn’t just for Haiti. Our church, our campuses, and our communities are made up of the same thing...people with different giftings. The thing that can unify us, to work out God’s plan, is the love of a Savior and the grace that we have all been shown. We can’t keep that to ourselves.  
I had the privilege of watching this diverse team put Paul’s challenge into action.  Let’s all put it into practice and watch the body grow.

Brian Lucas
Campus Leader - Danville